OtakuFest V: Old School

Posted on: February 5, 2012

It was my first time to attend and watch a cosplay with my best of friend. We went to UP, Lahug, Cebu to witness the fifth Otakufest held in UP-Cebu. Some cosplay-ed Mario & Luigi, Sailor Moon, Doraemon, and other old school anime-s. It’s nice to know that the otaku community has increased. Not only teenagers who cosplay-ed in the event, some were average and oldies. Almost everyone who joined dressed-up extravagantly. I hope next time, I can join cosplay event.^^

Here are some pictures taken during the event. (Sorry for the low quality. I only used my cellphone’s camera.)

I and my bestfriend^^


6 Responses to "OtakuFest V: Old School"

nice post…! and i was here! lol did you see me? i think i saw you XD *blog hopping*…

care to visit my blog too? here’s a post about tomorrow’s event! (^__^) were also there? wew…but i didn’t saw youXD (i didn’t wear eyeglasses at that time:D) hoping to see you in the next cosplay event^^

there will be a cosplay event on february 25 at J-mall! :D but sayang cant be there.. ill out of town :(

ahh..likewise…at t’yaka, di ko alam kung saan yan:D XD

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