I L♥ve to Read Project

Posted on: February 26, 2012

            In line with  celebration of the EDSA Revolution and the 75th Cebu City Charter Day, the Cebu City Public Library had launched the I L♥VE TO READ PROJECT the kick-off  worked with the compassionate group of Cebu, The Basadours – a group of Cebuano ambassador volunteers for reading and story telling -, that aimed for literacy development. The event was held at the Cebu City Public Library and started at exactly nine in the morning until noon.  This project had honored by the Cebu City officials that led by Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama( and it was my first time to see Mayor Mike Rama in close up view and my first time to get in the CCP library).

Signing of the Pledge of Commitment

          Furthermore, it was my Literature instructor who informed and invited us to attend this event. And since I love books(knowing that when I was a child, I hated reading and knew no child books at all) or reading printed words, without a second thought, I decided to attend this event. When I got in, a very adorable and charming child welcomed me with a smile and because of that I felt very comfortable even though I was with no one. My friends were not with me. There were many guests like parents, children, Nan, students and a group of children from a barangay in Cebu City(I forgot from where they were) and they were the center of the event.  Moreover, the most gratifying and stimulating part of this project was the story-telling proper. There were three stories that were told. First was Taho, Taho, Taho….Tahooiey by Renato C. Vibiesca and it was told by Cebu City Mayor Michael L. Rama. The Mayor was very patient and adorable when he delivered the story to the children and guests.  Second was  Sandosenang Sapatos by  Luis P. Gatmaitan, M.D and told by Ms. Rachel Chloe Palang. Last and third story was told by the Lato Siblings but sadly, I missed this story because I went to the photo wall.

Sandra gave me a cookie^^ and other guests, too.

During the story telling of  Taho, Taho, Taho….Tahooiey by Renato C. Vibiesca .

The Wall of the Never Ending Story. That’s my Literature instructor:)

           Indeed, I really had fun in this event. I felt like a child again, i mean, I had already felt the feeling of being a child who loves to read books and to listen story telling. ^^

Photo Wall ^___^ (don’t mind my face)

See more pictures here.



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