Chillax @ Ruvi Cave Resort

Posted on: March 31, 2012

         A view from the top of the secret cave.

                                 Ruvi Cave Resort is a great  place for  summer outing. The resort has the best commodities for your relaxation and hast the good services offered to their costumers. Ruvi Cave Resort is located at Tungkop, Miglanilla, Cebu. If you don’t have your own wheels, transportation is not a problem in going to Ruvi Cave Resort. If you are from Mandaue City, you can ride a PUJ going SM, and then ride another PUJ, number 10H, going to Bulacao wherein you can ride another PUJ going to Minglanilla proper. And when you reach Minglanilla proper, you can read a motorcycle and just tell the driver to drop you in the said resort.

street going to Ruvi Cave Resort

Transportation, Fare Fee:

  • from Centro, Mandaue City to SM Cebu City(any PUJ going SM) = 8 php
  • from SM Cebu City to Bulacao(PUJ no. 10H) = 13 php
  • from Bulacao to Minglanilla(PUJ no. 43/44) = 8 php
  • from Minglanilla proper to Ruvi Cave Resort(just  ride a motorcycle) = 10 php

So, a total of thirty-nine(39) pesos going to Ruvi Cave Resort from Mandaue City.

Ruvi Cave Resort’s entrance. 

WiFi area

                                 Internet geeks will surely love this resort for it has a WiFi area and accessing connection is for free. Just ask the password from the person in-charge in the spot. But the resort’s wi-fi connection is not a WAN(wide are network), meaning you can only access its connection in the wi-fi area and you cannot go far.  Yet, it has its purpose.

Beside the wi-fi area and canteen. Rooms for overnight stay.

A view from the top of its Secret Cave. You can see and feel the breeze of the sea.

                                 RCR has cottages at different prices depending on the size of the cottage. They also have rooms for overnight stay and has a function hall at the secret cage wherein you can view refreshing sites.

10 persons = P200
15 persons = P300

25 persons = P500
20 persons (tent) = P500
center cave – P1,000
20-30 persons (lounge w/ aircon) = P1,500

Function Hall

Refreshing view from the top of the secret cave.                     


Comfort rooms and shower rooms. At the right most is a grilling area.

                                 For more information, you may contact Ruvi Cave Resort: Tel. No. : 516-4596;  Fax No. : 490-3321.
PS: I really had fun in this day, March 30, 2012. First summer outing for 2012. I’m hoping for another outing :) Thank you to my Computer Engineering classmates who were with me in this day.
For more pictures, you may visit my photo blog : Life After Focus.

8 Responses to "Chillax @ Ruvi Cave Resort"

pila d i entrance miss ?

hmm less or more than 100 pesos. hehe. sorry, i forgot the exact price :)

Miss, Do you have a picture of the Center Cave (php 1,000)? or mao na cyang nasa tunga sa dakong swimming pool? Do you a picture sa Lounge w/ aircon (php 1,500)? We’re planning to go here this April….

Good eve, Mr. Jay. Sorry for the late reply. I was so busy last week coz it’s our final exams week. Anyway, that’s the only photo I have of the center pool. Hmm, ang center pool kay dako2 jud siya, lindot, ug lingaw if ganahan mo mag-kupot2 sa pisi sa center xD ^_^ ug Wifi-zone na pud.

Magkano ang payment ka pag mag overnight ?

Miss,I want to us if how we get there at MInglanilla proper where should the exact place that we can there or ASA ME NAOG?..I know tungkop minglanilla but the exact allocate of RUVI CAVE RESORT i want to us…thank u much..reply asap coz where planning ds April 17,friday to have fun and be relax.

how much ang pnaka cheap na room for 2 ?

Hi good am,,,ask lang ko f how much ang rate f mag overnight?
Instrans pud hM?
Wer planning mn guds nga mg over nyt dha ,,,dih nmi bfor but wala ko kahibaw f pila amo na bayaran kay party mn guds to sa work…wait ko sa imo reply thanks

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