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As a college student, I can’t go to school without notebooks and papers. Jotting down notes is important especially when the instructor prefers to just talk in whole period of class and papers are often used in solving math problems. I just want to share to everyone what I had learned from the NOWTBUKS‘ session today. By the way, NOWTBUKS stands  as NOW is the Time to Build Up Kids for Sustainability, a project of the Industrial Engineering Council of Cebu Institute of Technology – University and a winning project entry for Ten Accomplished Youth Organization(TAYO 2011) by the said council. Actually, I also recycle things especially papers but because of the NOWTBUKS’ session, I am more motivated to recycle more and recycle everything that could recycled. By just this love of recycling, we can help our guardians, who are supporting as financially, in saving money; we can save trees by this, lessen wastes, and our mother Earth; and improve ourselves into better one.


finished products from used papers and magazines.

Materials used:

  • used papers(one side should be empty or no writings)
  • old magazines
  • yarn
  • glue stick
  • pair of scissors

You can use any alternative materials in making this one. It’s all up to you if you want a creative, more presentable, and unique one as long as you don’t spend a single penny. Let’s be thrifty at this time. Okay? :) And share this to your friends, siblings, classmates or anyone you know.

Want to visit the facebook page of Project NOWTBUKS? just click me.

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